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Basscube is a direct-to-fan music platform
built to support indie musicians.

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Problems we

Indie artists need more ways to monetize.

The vast majority of royalty income never makes it back to creators.

The pay-per-stream model strips music of its true value.


Increase the value of your work by more than 1000x by letting your fans invest in you.


Transform your art into valuable assets that can be owned, collected and traded.


Instant payments, no middlemen, and permanent royalties - guaranteed by the blockchain.


Our Top Features on
Basscube include

For users:

  • Access rare and exclusive content from your favorite artists
  • Directly support creators and their work
  • Build your collection and be recognized as top fan
  • Coming in December: re-sell NFTs and earn!

For creators:

  • Mint NFTs in seconds and get paid instantly
  • Set your own prices and collect asset appreciation
  • Never miss out on royalty income again
  • Identify your most valuable fans

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Kris moved to the Philippines with $700 to join a nationwide television contest called “Search For The Star In A Million Season 2” and ended up winning. Ended up staying, learning the native language, and now am the Philippines Prince of R&B. Now a certified Hitmaker and Millions of Hits on Youtube and Spotify.

How does
it work?

Artists simply upload their content, set their sale price and royalty percentage, and our platform mints an NFT onto the blockchain.

Fans are notified of new NFT drops, and can buy or bid for content. Just like a stock, hot content can be re-sold for an increasing price, and royalty income comes back to the artist each time. That means that you can earn money just by buying the music you love, all while supporting the artist.

And, to the hipsters out there, now you can finally prove you WERE there first - it says so on the blockchain!


Our marketplace launch is almost here! Buy NFTs from your favorite artists, support creators to earn the income they deserve, and become a part of music history. Join to become a part of our the Basscube platform and gain exclusive first-supporter benefits!

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